I am pleased to launch my very first post for mydumbinventions.com! Pleased to meet you!

Growing up with seven siblings in Southern California was fun! We had to be quite imaginative  to get by in life. Members of my family, self included, conceptualized several great ideas throughout the year; some pretty brilliant, and others…well…not as brilliant, but clever just the same. None of us had the know-how to take our ideas to the next level, with the exception of my uncle, who invented an interesting toy involving a pool buoy with a hole through the middle, which contained two ropes with two handles on two ends. I can’t really explain it very well, but after he sold it to a company “Rainbow Plastics,” it was used by the L.A. Dodgers as an exerciser to improve their batting strength.

My big brother, Brian, came up with several great ideas, and even produced some prototypes, including a unique paddle game, which to this day I have never seen around, except during family parties. He also invented a collapsible “Frisbee” type toy, that actually went into cereal boxes, sometime in the 1980’s. I still have faith in my brother and other family members that some day, they will hit the big time!

I have created this blog as a tribute to my brilliant family! It will contain probably some of the dumbest ideas you never thought of. Its all in good fun!

Comments and feedback are welcome. Any nasty comments, however, will be subject to perish through an invention of catastrophic proportions!

All in good fun,